Owners: Lawrence & Tomoko Torres 

​Film Maker, Photographer, Editor, Singer, Bodybuilder & More


Hello. We, Lawrence and Tomoko Torres, appreciate you taking the time to look through this site and take this journey with us in photography, video and more. Our lives started together on MCAS Futenma on Okinawa in 1992 -- a Georgia boy saw a beautiful Kadena, Okinawa girl. Our marriage led me to stay in the Marine Corps and a lateral move to a job called Public Affairs. Since that time, I have taken thousands of photos starting with a 35mm Nikon at Parris Island using 400 speed film for weekly publications and magazines, eventually running AFN Iwakuni creating daily video products for the American Forces Network. The Corps then allowed me to create hundreds of graphics, write hundreds of news articles, work with international media organizations and more. I finished by government work with DoDEA Pacific as a Public Affairs Specialist, allowing me to easily support the schools through their school photo program through Campus Photography International.

We know about families...we have five children. We understand the busy life and needing not only photos, but personal time to select photos and video, order products and more.



Through the years, my talented wife and stylist Mona (Tomoko), who has joined me for more than 25 years, has had a wonderful ability to harness all of my experience and use it for portrait photography and graphics. Every photo that I take is carefully scripted, decorated with props and more by this wonderful woman. She brings a level of creativity and style to things that constantly bring awe and wonder to many. Side note: Our sons and daughter won't ask me how their clothes look...out of my lane.

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