Adulthood recognized in Coming of Age tradition

Mimi's day has finally arrived to wear her Kimono for the first time as a validated adult in the eyes of Okinawa. She is participating in Siejin No Hi, the Japanese recognition of a woman turning 20 years old in Japan. ​ As she enters the travel studio set up right outside of the dressing room, she is greeted with many women "Sugoi" or "Amazing" in English. Over and over she receives compliments from everyone in the small room. She sees her mother Linda, who glows as her daughter has transformed in just under two hours to what she beholds as "the most beautiful daughter in the world." The camera turns in her direction, the entire scene is all so overwhelming. One simple question has brought smiles and laughter to everyone and Mimi... who claim not to know English. "Do you have a boyfriend?" The rest is captured. 20 is forever brought to life. ~LT Productions

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