Enriki - Reaching 60 in style

Ms. Arakaki entered the house with an entire studio setup. She was filled with so much happiness --- her smile was so magnetic. As we made formal introductions before she moved to the back to get dressed and prepare for her Kanreki celebration -- a special age celebrated in Japan -- we discovered that her favorite actor is Eguchi Yosuke...which happens to be my name here. Forty five minutes later, she walked into our makeshift, living room studio with 10 minutes left for her professional photos, but something was different. Where was the smile...where is the pose...is there some nervousness with the camera and the lights? Thinking of what to do for the smile is one very tricky part of this photography business. Idea please. The air in the room was thin. Think...think...9 minutes left...flash, photo, flash, photo. Think....AHA...I said "Eguchi Yosuke daisuki dessho?" -- "You like Eguchi Yosuke right?" OK, 1, 2, 3...say Yosuke. Her smile appeared...there it is is...wow...amazing at over 60...beautiful Ms. Arakaki. Kanreki has been represented well today in Okinawa. ~LT Productions

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