This is my OFFICE! School Photographer Life

"Uh..yuh...gosh! Goofy're lookin pretty sharp little buddy." That voice rings out to the 1-year-old from me followed by a squeeky toy...and 9 times out of 10... THE SMILE...

Sometimes it is that easy...but many times it is through bouncing that ball towards the table, using the magic trick again, falling to the ground, sweating, breathing hard, doing all it takes to get that one shot of a lifetime.

Some parents during our last photo session said "I don't know how you can do this at a daycare." I responded quickly without hesitation. "This is my office."

What most don't see is the hours and hours of work with my wife for weeks leading up to that shot. The exhausting amount of time invested by Tim Murray of CPI Photo into our lives...learning the lighting and camera gear, learning the computer programs to get the schedules and names together, finding the right props, toys and tables, getting that website just right, working with the lab (GREAT LAB - Portrait Express, especially Dennis and Eileen) in the States, visiting hundreds of other business owners in the states every year to fine-tune the process.

But it didn't come overnight...God has a way of bringing a lifetime of ups and downs, 25 years of marriage, 5 of our own kids, teaching Sunday School, singing, homeschooling, Marine Corps work, government work at DoDEA Pacific and more for this MOMENT --- School Photographer Life.

THIS IS MY OFFICE!!!!!! We thank God for the smiles, tears, laughter and joy every time. We are especially thankful that we get to serve those who serve and bring a slight touch of home to them all. Rom 8:28

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