Kadena High School Graduation - Okinawa

Wow! Being around the Kadena High School Class of 2018 was so amazing! The energy, the politeness, the great speeches, the happiness...was blessed to be a part of it. Months ago we received a message about possibly taking their photos -- a memory that lasts forever. So humbled to have had the opportunity.

Who would have known that 26 years ago when meeting my wife, which made me reenlist in the Marine Corps, that I would lat move to Public Affairs where they handed me a camera and I had to stand in front of thousands almost every week on Parris Island for graduation photos...that we would have our own business on Okinawa...and presented the opportunity to take these...

The photos appear to be simple right? A camera ... a light .. push the button and send the memory...well, it isn't that easy. Meeting, presentations, working with event coordinators, finding the right light, collecting the data on all graduates, knowing that 3,200 dollar camera, understanding all the camera settings, keeping folks up to date via email...and the added bonus, the camera battery dying during the ceremony...oh...I turned to my helper Keary and said, "PRAY."

After staying up all night after the ceremony cropping photos, matching numbers with the database, sending to the printer and more...the big question --- Will folks order? Hundreds visited the website, emails came in, and the support was overwhelming.

Their first graduation was also a night of our first graduation -- our first graduation photography event hoping everyone would be pleased... Thank you for the support.

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